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The long journey towards standardisation of NPL data exchange across Europe

April 2021

European DataWarehouse (EDW) is a designated repository, initially set up in June 2012 to implement the European Central Bank (ECB) Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) loan-level initiative. Over the years EDW’s mandate has expanded into other areas such as pools of Additional Credit Claims (ACC); Covered Bonds (CB); and Non-Performing loans (NPL).


In December 2017, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published a set of standardised NPL templates (v1.0) aimed at enhancing the standardisation of NPL data exchange as well as creating a level playing field by reducing information asymmetries between potential buyers and sellers of NPL portfolios. Due to its template expertise, EDW worked with EBA to technically implement these templates via its platform, EDITOR.


At the beginning of 2018 at a joint event in Milan, EBA and EDW presented their respective NPL templates and technical solution and invited the European financial institutions to participate in a free testing phase for six months. Based on the feedback collected from the industry, EBA made some modifications/adjustments to these templates and published an updated version (v1.1) in September 2018.


Sections of the EBA NPL transaction templates were also adopted by ESMA for the reporting of the Non-Performing Exposures (NPE) securitisations under the Securitisation Regulation (EU) 2017/2402.

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European DataWarehouse

European DataWarehouse GmbH is part of the ABS Loan Level Data initiative established by the European Central Bank that is engaged in providing data warehousing services and full disclosure for investors in Asset-Backed Securities. It provides an open platform for users to access Asset-Backed Security data

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